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Affiliate Guidance

Please read the guidance below before you get started.

Generating your own links:

  • The sales page for Dr Maryhan’s Membership is
  • If you’d like to generate your own affiliate link that you can share anywhere online, please copy the above sales page link and paste it under the Affiliate URLs tab as the Referral URL Generator page link (see example image below).
  • You can name your Campaign should you wish to.
  • Then hit the Generate URL button and you will see your affiliate link, with your unique referral ID appended. You can share that link whereever and with whomever you wish and it will be tracked back to your affiliate account.

Using creatives:

  • Periodically we may create custom creatives for you to utilise in your marketing.
  • You will find these under the Creatives tab (see example image below).


  • Any images/text you see here, you are welcome to share by just copying and pasting the code.
  • Your unique referral ID is automatically appended so that anyone using your link is tracked in your affiliate account.