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Philippa Winbolt
Headteacher at Dauntsey Academy Primary School
Having found Dr Maryhan on Facebook as a stroke of luck I invited her in to talk about different ways in which she may be able to support my staff and pupils. We see more and more children with low self-esteem and the inability to self-regulate in terms of their emotions. Dr Maryhan, with her experience and expertise, alongside her passion for improving provision for these vulnerable children, was a massive boost for us all. I booked staff training and class workshops alongside a parent workshop to tackle it from all angles. Dr Maryhan’s professionalism, but more importantly her down to earth and honest approach, meant that everyone engaged whole heartedly with her sessions and the feedback from all parties was positive. Staff felt they had a deeper understanding of the issues, but more importantly, practical activities and sessions that they could deliver which would have a real and valued impact. Parents felt supported and comfortable enough to ask questions and some have asked for Dr Maryhan to work 1:1 with their children. Dr Maryhan has literacy been like an angel to us. In times when attachment and emotional issues impact so heavily on pupil wellbeing and behaviour as well as learning outcomes; when staff at times feel like they are out of their depth in trying to support these vulnerable young people we all of a sudden felt we had support. Someone with practical and real advice that actually made a difference to us as professionals as well as our young people. What a blessing! I cannot recommend Dr Maryhan highly enough.