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Thank You

Thank you for signing up to my membership; I am so excited to start working with you and your family. So, let’s get started!

First things first, click the link here to join the membership Facebook group; it’s where all the weekly contact with me happens. At the top of the page feed you will find all the regular session times, so you will know what happens when, and remember everything is recorded, so if you can’t make any of the sessions live, you can catch them on replay later. Once you’re in please introduce yourself and let us know how many children you have and how old they are. The group is incredibly supportive, and they’re waiting to welcome you.

To get started with the membership, just hit the button below which will take you to the Resource Library, so you can get a feel for what’s inside. The library is divided into the five sections of the FLAIR process, which I will use to help your family move from angst to courage. In each area you will find downloadable resources for you and your children, as well as quick teach videos. You can search all the content, so you can pinpoint exactly what you need.

If you have any questions then just email my support team directly on and I look forward to meeting you in the Facebook group. Come and say hello.

Maryhan x